Help Us Make Radical Roots a Reality!

Today Radical Roots: The Story of a Food Revolution launches our 45-day crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark. We need to raise $12,000 for the music, animation, editing and color correction that will make the film come together.

Radical Roots will be an hour-long documentary featuring the former anti-war protesters, hippies and radicals who founded the Twin Cities food co-ops that now employ thousands, feed hundreds of thousands, and support the livelihoods of sustainable family farmers from the Upper Midwest to Ethiopia and Ecuador.

It tells the story of the initial explosion of the co-ops in the early 1970s and the “Co-op Wars” that raged soon after, where conflicting ideas about what the co-op were about erupted into conflict and violence. Radical Roots connects this story to today's food activism and discussions of the proper role of co-ops and the nature of food justice.

We want to honor the activists who created our natural food co-ops; share the lessons they learned in their efforts; provoke reflection and discussion on the best way to make our food system more sustainable, healthy and just; and inspire people to cooperate to make it happen.

Seed & Spark is a “fair trade film” site where you can both fund and watch independent film of all types. Please help us bring this important history to more people by donating to Radical Roots at Seed & Spark, liking our Facebook page, and following us on Twitter today.