Watching this Spider John Koerner / Willie Murphy Video from 1969 will be the most fun you'll have all day

At least it was for me, and I had a pretty good day. We’re digging into the great Minnesota music of the 1970s for use in Radical Roots, especially the work of Willie Murphy. Willie’s band Willie and the Bumblebees (better known as Willie & the Bees) seem to be omnipresent in our research on the early food co-ops. They seemed to play every benefit concert and co-op gathering, their posters showing up on the walls of co-ops in so many pictures we’ve found. We’re glad that Willie has allowed us to use his music in our trailers and look forward to including more of it in Radical Roots.

Talking recently to some people who remember the early years of the co-ops, they asked us to please include in our film how much fun that time was. If it was anything like what was going on in this video, it was pretty darn great.

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