A Song and a Dream

Another clip from Ed Felien’s Georgeville commune film, featuring a lovely song that, for me, epitomizes the optimism and confidence that allowed some in the Baby Boom generation to believe they could remake the world, which in turn allowed them to create so many things that we take for granted these days (like natural food co-ops).

In our interview with him for Radical Roots, Ed explains the mood of the times this way:

“[In] the future, any day, people would wake up and the revolution would have happened.  People would understand that maybe if we smoked a little more dope we'd all get to that point, or something. But there was this sense that the revolution was, you know, right there.  You could almost touch it.  People are going to catch on to this and then there will be co-ops and organic food and everybody will live happily ever after.  It was a great dream.”

The lyrics to the song have a sincerity and hopefulness that I might have aspired to as a young person if not for the alienation which was the birthright of us Generation Xers:

And we’re always together

Yet we’re always apart

Yes, and we are the children

That we knew from the start

And when we are finished here we’ll build something new

And we’ll always be friends our whole lives through.

And we’ll grow

And we’ll grow

And we’ll grow

And we’ll grow till we…

(Can anyone make out the last lines of this song?)

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