Generation Food Truck

“If you came out of college in the Nineties you wanted to get a job in the tech industry. People now come out of college and want to start a food truck."

Awhile back we posted something of a fluff piece on the generational qualities of the Baby Boomers vs. the Millennials. But there is no doubt that the Millennials’ engagement with food is both commercial and ethical. We interviewed CityFoodStudio founder Journey Gosselin, who sees this engagement regularly in the entrepreneurs who rent his commercial kitchen space to produce their products. These include makers of artisan ice pops, tempeh, bagels, and fermented veggies, as well as several catering companies and food trucks. Hungry yet?

At Chicago Ave. & 38th Street, CityFoodStudio is just down the road from Seward Co-op’s second store. The organizers’ goals don’t stop at renting space in their commercial kitchen -- a pop-up store sells the entrepreneurs’ delectables on certain days, and a class and event calendar is in the works.