Our Life Support

Organic farmer (and artist and musician and organizer) Audrey Arner used to be a vegetarian. Now days she and her husband Richard Handeen have around ninety head of cattle at Moonstone Farm in Western Minnesota. When we interviewed her for Radical Roots, she told us how they made their decision to raise cattle--based on the needs of the prairies on which they live--and the difficulty of developing a market for grass-fed beef when it was a new idea.

In this video, she also talks about the choices they have made to provide a good life for themselves and their animals. Indeed, they don’t go on vacation to Arizona, but they have developed a lovely farm complete with its own lake, beach and vineyards and none of the smell of feedlot operations. You can check it out for yourself by arranging a farmstay in their “Broodio” (and yes, there is a sauna!).